Z Tập 1/2 Ii Ông Kẹ Z Ii Phim Z 2019. Đạo Diễn Brandon Christensen

Studio: ShudderDirector:Brandon ChristensenWriter: Brandon Christensen, Colin MinihanProducer:Colin Minihan, Kurtis David Harder, Brandon ChristensenStars:Keegan Connor Tracy, Jett Klyne, Sean Rogerson, Sara Canning, Chandra West, Stephen Mc

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When her young son’s imaginary friend inspires alarming behavior, a frustrated mother unravels a shocking mystery connected to lớn her family’s past.

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Elizabeth & Kevin Parsons learn their eight-year-old son Josh has an imaginary friend named Z. Z inspires unsettling behavior that leads to lớn Josh being indefinitely suspended from school for frightening other children. Beth additionally learns that Kevin signed Josh’s disciplinary slips without telling her about Josh’s mounting behavioral problems.Beth takes Josh lớn see their family’s therapist Dr. Seager. Seager expresses concern when he hears Josh’s imaginary friend is named Z.Beth seemingly spies a frightening creature playing with Josh at an activity center. Beth later tells Kevin she saw Z, but Kevin dismisses Beth’s claim.Beth tends lớn her dead mother with her troubled sister Jenna. While in her mother’s house, Beth finds an old electronic alphabet toy that repeats the letter Z.Unable khổng lồ arrange a play date for Josh, Beth visits her friend Georgia khổng lồ find out why Georgia’s son Daniel wants nothing to vì with Josh. While the two mothers talk, Daniel violently falls from an upstairs railing. Paramedics rush Daniel to the hospital. Georgia angrily banishes Beth và Josh from her home.Josh creates a large mural of a creature he identifies as Z on his bedroom wall. Kevin paints over the frightening portrait, but it later reappears.While packing up her mother’s house, Beth finds Josh strangely staring at a bedroom ceiling fan. Beth also recovers a VHS tape containing trang chủ movies. Beth is shocked when she discovers the footage depicts her as a little girl playing with an imaginary friend named Z.Beth tries medicating Josh through his milk. Josh ends up projectile vomiting. Kevin shouts at Beth when he learns she drugged Josh without his knowledge.Beth hears the alphabet toy repeatedly spell out the message “imagine Z.” Beth thinks of Z while in the bathtub và conjures him into appearing briefly. Roused by her subsequent scream, Beth tells Kevin that Z is real và he was once her friend too.Beth revisits Dr. Seager. Seager presents Beth’s childhood patient file và recounts how her terrified father brought Beth khổng lồ him when she was Josh’s age. Seager plays a tape in which young Beth proudly proclaims she plans to lớn be with Z forever. Seager says he thinks Z is using Josh to reconnect with Beth.Beth hurries home as Z manifests from Josh’s wall & attacks Kevin. Beth finds her house in flames and Kevin brutally murdered. Beth pledges to lớn devote herself lớn Z in exchange for being allowed khổng lồ leave the burning house with Josh.Beth takes Josh lớn stay with Jenna. Beth then sequesters herself in her mother’s house where she emotionally regresses into a subservient relationship with Z.Dr. Seager visits Beth. Alarmed by her behavior, Seager tries convincing Beth that she created Z in her mind. After Seager leaves, Beth boards up the doors and windows to lớn be further isolated with Z.While playing hide và seek with Z, Beth briefly sees her dead father hanging from a noose on the bedroom ceiling fan. Beth wears her wedding dress for a mock marriage ceremony with Z.Beth tries to speak to lớn Josh through Jenna over the phone. Angered, Z breaks out of the house to go after Beth’s son. Beth warns Jenna, who finds Josh playing on tracks outside as a train approaches. Beth becomes desperate for Josh to be rescued.Dr. Seager returns lớn Beth’s mother’s house with two police officers. From outside, Seager insists Beth can control Z. When the cops break down the door, they find Beth hanging from a noose on the bedroom ceiling fan. Josh ends up unharmed.Beth survives her suicide attempt, but becomes catatonic. Jenna takes over caring for both Beth & Josh. Josh says goodnight khổng lồ Z when he goes khổng lồ sleep.

When a child starts speaking to lớn an imaginary friend in a horror story, it’s a surefire sign a family is about lớn be haunted. “Z” takes that common fright film beat & expands it into a full-length feature. Lớn ensure the movie isn’t merely a routine retread though, “Z” adds flavor by swirling in the scares of a “descent into madness” psychological thriller too.

Following in the footsteps of any family who lived on Ocean Avenue in Amityville or sought help from The Warrens in one of “The Conjuring” films, Beth & Kevin Parsons are the next cinematic parents khổng lồ be distressed by their young son befriending someone they cannot see. Josh was already an overly imaginative little loner. After his invisible new companion ‘Z’ starts inspiring bad behavior, Josh ends up suspended from school and unable khổng lồ score a play date since every classmate now inexplicably fears him.

Beth & Kevin seek solutions from expected channels. Family therapist Dr. Seager prescribes medication that only results in projectile vomiting. Placating Josh’s fantasy worsens the situation. This is particularly poor timing for Beth because she’s also dealing with a terminally ill mother and unreliable sister who’s barely any help at all.

Another wrinkle arises when Beth unexpectedly catches a quick glimpse of Z. Or so she thinks. A seemingly tall & terrifying creature, Beth now wonders if there might be something to lớn Josh’s claims after all.

Things grow stranger still after Beth uncovers startling clues among her mother’s belongings. Apparently, this isn’t the first time Z stalked someone in Beth’s family. In fact, Z might not be a manifestation of Josh’s imagination after all. Z may have actually spawned from a dark, forgotten corner of Beth’s troubled mind and memories.

Straightforward efforts like “Z” can be summarized in fairly straightforward fashion. Breaking it down in Pro/Con terms, let’s start by addressing what’s not so hot about the story.

True, “Z” isn’t entirely original. As mentioned, the “curse of an imaginary friend” concept hasn’t been novel for at least 40 years. “Z” also adds several other less-than-fresh conceits such as a stereotypically doubting husband who’s an obstacle intended khổng lồ keep the plot from progressing too far too soon. Whenever Beth sympathetically pleads for him khổng lồ listen lớn her possibly crazy concerns, Kevin’s frustratingly dismissive condescension và argumentative attitude sink him further into cursory characterization.

Other red marks include some sketchy CGI, particularly digital fire FX, và suspense whose slow burn doesn’t have the sharpest hook of deep intrigue. Tally everything together and the disappointment doctor could write a prescription for jaded horror fans to lớn be dulled by déjà vu.

In the plus column, as much as “Z” may feel lượt thích something seen before, there’s no denying it’s done well. I’m repeatedly impressed by the creative combination of Brandon Christensen và Colin Minihan who, along with their usual producing partners, continue carving out a competent corner for themselves in indie horror. Christensen and Minihan, both of whom wrote “Z” while Christensen directs, just make to-the-point thrillers by concentrating on a singular theme & then executing their idea with solid workmanship. Lượt thích their previous projects, “Z” benefits from economical editing that only includes essential scenes, crisp camerawork whose modest movements help the film flow, and simple style that’s more polished than most peers operating with similarly limited resources.

“Z” doesn’t deign lớn redefine any aspect of genre entertainment. Adequate acting exemplifies how the movie stays dialed into biting only as much as can be chewed, whether we’re talking about keeping side characters minimally involved or restricting the titular entity’s actions khổng lồ sporadic spikes of terror. Anyone has the option of either faulting “Z” for having only minor ambitions, or praising the filmmakers for rightfully realizing how khổng lồ work within reasonable scope.

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The movie takes the basic kernel of malevolence manifesting through an unseen presence, pops it with the premise of someone succumbing to insanity, and morphs into an exercise in making mood from streamlined storytelling. While not earth-shaking enough khổng lồ qualify as a “twist” per se, “Z” sneaks the right amount of redirect up its sleeve to lớn swerve off the path of predictability và into a weirdly unsettling last act that pays off the mystery with creepy chills.

More subdued than spectacular, “Z” won’t imprint any lasting nightmares or give anyone plural goosebumps. But its simplified spookshow stays steeped in suspense that can raise a neck hair or two, especially for people who recoil at seeing parental fears played out onscreen in harrowing detail.

The thing I love about horror is how mercurial it is. Last year, Adam Egypt Mortimer explored toxic masculinity và the push/pull of male relationships of a certain age through the use of an imaginary friend named Daniel. At the same time, I kept hearing about this other imaginary friend movie that was gaining momentum through festival appearances. Directed by Brandon Christensen from a script he co-wrote with the prolific Colin Minihan, Z takes a similar horror creature to explore motherhood và trauma with a somewhat iffy execution…but its main goal is to scare the shit out of you.

And, reader: It probably will.


Z begins as you’d expect, with the very imaginative & introverted eight-year-old Josh Parson (Jett Klyne) playing by himself in his room. He flies an airplane, supplying the appropriate noise, examines a multi-colored ball under a magnifying glass and watches his toy train run around its track. His parents are loving & caring. There’s the typically work-focused architect father Kevin (Sean Rogerson) who still feels caring & obviously loves Josh, tussling his hair và kindly joking with him. Elizabeth (Keegan Connor Tracy) looks harried, though. With Kevin constantly working, and her mother dying of cancer, you can tell she’s barely holding on.

Josh is inventive & curious, but he’s also very quiet và withdrawn. The introversion increases through the brief sequences of his daily life at school, eating alone, watching kids play from a distance và not paying attention in class. As he scribbles at his desk, his teacher looks on with a look of frustration và disdain.That night, Elizabeth hears Josh talking to lớn someone in his room and watches him playing by himself, but chatting with someone who’s not there. “I think Josh has an imaginary friend,” she tells Kevin. “That’s cute,” he replies.

But Elizabeth isn’t so sure.


At dinner, they mix a place set for Josh’s invisible friend, who is finally introduced simply as Z. Kevin this it’s just a stage và so plays along. But Josh is changing. He used khổng lồ be afraid of the dark but that evening, when Elizabeth tucks him in, Josh tells her to lớn close the door.

“Z likes it dark,” he says.

Then, Josh’s usual ride in the morning doesn’t show up and she has to take him to lớn school. Then the school calls, suspending Josh indefinitely. Turns out they’ve been sending red cards home, documenting the myriad of problems the teacher has been having with Josh. All signed by Kevin, who laughs it off as “kids get into trouble sometimes.”

But soon it becomes apparent that Kevin won’t be able khổng lồ laugh off Josh’s behavior và the overwhelming presence of his imaginary friend Z.

Z is at its best when it’s buildilng tension. Brandon Christensen (Still/Born) knows how to craft unsettling scenes và starts the crawling creepiness early and subtly. This is a movie I would have loved to lớn have experienced in a theatre because of two particular moments that would have been wild khổng lồ experience with an audience. An unexpected jump scare literally had me jumping, mouth gleefully agape in shock at the audacity of the moment. Later, a bathtub scene to lớn rival Freddy’s gloved intrusion in A Nightmare on Elm Street sent jolts through me and its uncomfortable imagery lingered in my head for days.

The first act operates as a creepy kid movie, which we’ve seen too much. It works as a gaslighting paranoid thriller, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. It’s also where Z didn’t completely work for me as it was filled with incredibly generic characters who fall into expected, bland roles. Of course the father is never home, even when he is home. Of course he doesn’t believe his wife’s fears about their son. Of course he’ll laugh off the frankly, và concerningly, numerous literal red warning signs from school. If he weren’t so likable and loving with Josh, he’d be insufferable to watch.


But the script smartly knows when lớn invert expectations & does so as it takes a turn into the second act & wisely moves away from the creepy kid stereotype. As Josh begins drawing the monstrous figure of Z, the reality of the Parsons’ situation becomes dire và Elizabeth is forced khổng lồ rely on psychiatrist Dr. Seager (Stephen Mc
Hattie), who seems to lớn have some insight into Josh’s behavior. Và just when this narrative track seems lượt thích it’s running out its welcome, the script takes a second turn as it careens into the third act.

Underneath the thrills and unflinching jump scares, Z is, in a way, about parenthood. As we learn more about Elizabeth’s family, we find Elizabeth’s mother Alice (Deborah Ferguson) is dying of cancer và her sister Jenna (Sara Canning) has a conflicted relationship with the family. Their father died when they were younger and the weight of her blood family crushes heavily on Elizabeth. It adds another parental layer and some interesting thematic dynamics that tie into the imaginary friend in intriguing ways. Unfortunately, it isn’t explored as well as I would have liked & I feel that it kind of whiffs the ending.

Iffy third act pacing aside, the thing that sticks in my mind with Z is the tension và the scares. & the bleakness. Watch this one with a good group either while social distancing online or with your quarantine buddies.

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